So – I did an unexpected thing earlier this month: I created a new online teaching platform! Follow the link for donation pricing and Founding Memberships, plus class registration:

Starting this Sunday, July 25, I am offering five free classes to test out all the functionality, and starting August 1, 2021, I’ll begin my new online teaching schedule! Please consider joining me, if your schedule and interest align.

And yes – this platform was unexpected at the end of June, and yes, a very long time in the making with some tasty-grateful humble pie for me because I have said (more than) a few times over my teaching years before the pandemic that I would never teach yoga online. Nom-nom-nom!

Now, with 1.5 years experience teaching weekly online yoga classes, privates, workshops, an entire 200-hour teacher training with some amazing students all over the USA, I see real value for this format. Yes – it is different. Yes – it is absolutely not the same as in-person classes. And – YES, the online format still allows practitioners the time and space to source potent and transformational awareness.

By deciding to teach online, I have also decided that I will not be teaching any in-person classes until Spring 2022 at the earliest. “Create a safe environment for the students to do their personal work” has been my primary teaching aspiration. My secondary teaching aspiration has been to motivate my students with breathing practices to discover, find, feel, and sometimes even transform our habits and ways of being.

At this point in the Covid experience, I personally do not feel I can hold a safe breathing space for in-person yoga classes, regardless of vaccination status and masking protocols. I am choosing to continue doing what I do via zoom.

At Home Yoga and Well-Being will be closing its Zooms at the end of July 2021. Thank you, Jacci Gruninger, for all your amazing efforts and hours of time to hold the space for us to teach. My last classes with At Home will be 7/26 Monday 6:30p and 7/29 Thursday 7:30p. My new class schedule will begin on Sunday August 1.

The photo shows you my living room yoga studio and massage room for one-on-one Thai massage, Structural Integration (Rolfing), and Movement Repatterning sessions.

And please know – I absolutely do not care what state of tidiness and personal expression you are un/knowingly displaying in your room during the class. If you’re pets come through the space, however, I’ll probably say hi to them! ❤️

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