Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have changed my private protocols. Starting April 1, 2021, I will be seeing clients again in my home for private sessions. Prior to your first session, we will talk on the phone to review my protocols for before and during the session. All clients (including vaccinated clients) are required to wear an N-95 or better mask during the session. I can provide you the mask, if needed. 

If you are feeling poorly in anyway (including sniffly from allergies), please do NOT come to the session. Thank you for aligning with the protocols I have established to keep us, and ALL my other in-person clients safe and healthy.



Private Sessions are booked by Appointment only (no walk-ins) and by phone call, not email nor text.


Please email me with your phone number to schedule.


What is Structural Integration

Ida Rolf

Ida P. Rolf, May 19, 1896- March 19, 1979

SI work is a 10 session exploration of your body developed by Ida Rolf (1896-1979), where I’m doing hands-on techniques and you’re doing coordinated breathing and specific body movements in the area where I’m working. Together, we create changes in your soft tissue to help realign and support your posture. There is a pattern, a map, if you will, through your body that we will follow, and walking through the map, or the Recipe as Ida called it. We aim to discover and release structural and engagements patterns to give you a better posture.  Or said another way – can we loosen up where you are tight, so you have more space in your tissues and your bones can line up then function as designed.


Does it hurt?


Here is my primary goal for each session – to work with you and your breath, your participation every moment of every session. During our first three sessions, we learn how to communicate with each other so you can give me feedback regarding my hands-on contact, feed back about what feels effective and beneficial, and what doesn’t. Together, we create your sessions, so you can have a complete experience to integrate and build more body function, ability and enjoyment!


How long will it take to do 10 sessions?


If our schedules matched, we could do the work in as short as 6 weeks. Most of my clients will do just one session each week, over 10 weeks to 6 months.


How much does this cost?


  • Phone Consultation – Free
  • First Session – $250.  2-2.25 hours. Includes Movement Evaluation and Personal History.
  • Second to Tenth Session – $250.  1.75-2 hours.
  • Sessions for post-10 clients – $210 per session.  1.25-1.5 hours
  • Sliding scale & Payment Plan options available:
    If you are seriously wanting and needing the work, email me up, and let’s talk.
  • Rates effective January 1, 2023


Payment methods accepted: Cash, Personal Check

Allison Williams - August 2016

I was waking up in pain every day. It had become ‘the norm’. I don’t remember exactly when it started, but I had accepted it as a part of aging.

After my third session with William I woke up pain free. I continued to see other benefits throughout my sessions.

The results have been sustained. I know what areas to pay attention to and exercises to help me maintain the results of my sessions with William.

Six months later, I am still waking up with NO PAIN and I feel like my quality of life is so much higher. Thank you William!

GMander - July 2017

I came to William with low back pain and headaches. Ten weeks later both were just about gone and in the several months after our sessions ended they have completely disappeared and have not returned since. I had Rolfed before and also experienced similar benefits for about six years. The difference this time was the extra time William took to teach me about my body and help me develop more awareness of my movement. He has become a friend in my ear, encouraging good movement and reminding me to keep aligned. William was professional and very conscientious of my comfort. A thoughtful body worker, William’s concern for his clients extends beyond what is expected as a customer and lasts outside the sessions. I’m glad he was recommended to me!

PNeely - September 2017

After a couple injuries, subsequent body pain and misalignment, I went to William for his Rolfing series.  William’s knowledge of anatomy, keen observation and respect for my physical and emotional being, allowed me to completely trust. 

My dentist noticed an improvement in my malocclusion.   Even after 3 months with a Sports Chiropractor, my shoulder is now back to full mobility.   I am walking down steps one foot in front of the other for the first time in over 2 years, thanks to William.  He worked on problematic knee tissue from surgery 32 years ago.  I can see and feel
the difference!
I am now able to begin again with my Yoga practice. Thank you William!

PJ Neely

Lee Furey - June2018

I recently completed a Rolfing 10 series with William Hufschmidt. What a revelation! I went in wishing for improvements in my posture and greater back body awareness and mobility. I was also experiencing neck pain and nighttime leg and foot cramps on one side. As a result of the ten 1+ hour sessions working on my fascial tissue and movement, I no longer experience those pains. Each time I felt the work immediately — not just the area worked but throughout the entire side of the body. My face has changed a little because I am standing taller and walking more freely. I sleep better. Thanks to William for helping me change what it means to live in this body.
Yoga with William Hufschmidt

Statement of Faith

If we are somehow endowed with participation of some kind of divinity, then we are indeed special, and should treat each other with the respect and dignity this demands.

If, on the other hand, we are the accidental outcome of blind natural processes in a cosmos that is indifferent to us being here at all, then we are indeed special, and should treat each other with a tenderness and respect befitting such serendipitous surprises.

by Frank Casper
Lay Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia © 2008

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