28Jan2020 – Yoga 4 EveryBody – LIVE Practice

Here are the audio files and some practice notes for the class I taught on 6p Tuesday 28Jan2020 at Be Kula: A Place for Wellness in Atlanta, GA. I teach this class every week. All classes at Be Kula are $12, and donation payments are also accepted for my class at the...

Dissolving into Form

Since my first yoga class in 1989, I have taken yoga with LOTS of teachers, each offering something different, each offering a representation of their depth of knowledge from study and from personal practice. Over the years, I have also met many teachers who have...

A Pose by Another Name

A Pose by Another Name

I received a question this week from a woman who is currently taking Pranakriya's 200-hour yoga teacher training with me: What do we call the pose in the second photo? It is considered ardha chandrasana/half moon in many yoga classes. They are so different (in my...

The Embodiment Experience

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. " - Dr. Seuss In every moment of our life, we are IN a body, however, many of us are not very good at BEING AWARE of our body while we live in it. Tantric Hatha Yoga teachings encourage us to study the energies...

Parkinson’s – what a question to Facebook generated

On July 2, 2018, I posted this to Facebook: Me: Hey yoga teacher hive mind: I've been asked to work tonight with a student who has Parkinson's (sp?). Any thoughts, dos, don'ts, awareness I should know about this going into the session! Thanks for any quick thoughts...

Articles Describing Nose Breathing Benefits

Do you know these nose breathing benefits? Did you know we receive many nose breathing benefits to support our overall health compared to inhaling and/or exhaling through your mouth? Each day, on average we breathe between 12-20 times each minute during normal...

The Olympic Meditation

The Olympic Meditation Have your ever considered an olympic meditation, where all humans can focus on the same thing at the same time? When I opened my blog to write something about my recent Thailand Trip, I saw a blog entry that I wrote in 2016 during the days after...



Links I clicked in January 2018 by William Hufschmidt -  31January2018 My goal for 2018, is to post a blog each month showing the bests and notable links and resources I encountered the previous month. Check back at the end of each month to see what is inoculating my...

Silence at Watermoon Refuge – Atlanta’s Jewel for Ten Years

Silence at Watermoon Refuge – Atlanta’s Jewel for Ten Years

Swami Lotus offers only one teaching: Silence. Just off Clairmont exit on I-85by the Century Lake, several days each week, she holds four times 45 minute meditation on silence. Quiet Times: Sunday: 10:30 until 11:15 am. Monday: 12:15 until 1:00 pm. Wednesday: 7:30 until 8:15 pm. Friday: 2:15 until 3:00 pm. The Refuge accepts donations as you are inclined to offer.

Yoga with William Hufschmidt

Statement of Faith

If we are somehow endowed with participation of some kind of divinity, then we are indeed special, and should treat each other with the respect and dignity this demands.

If, on the other hand, we are the accidental outcome of blind natural processes in a cosmos that is indifferent to us being here at all, then we are indeed special, and should treat each other with a tenderness and respect befitting such serendipitous surprises.

by Frank Casper
Lay Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia © 2008

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