“Our body mind container must be strong and stable.

Then, we can fill it with energy from our practice and carry that energy everywhere we go as a heightened state of aliveness.”


Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers

To practice yoga safely, we study human anatomy to better understand how to move, engage and position our muscles and bones. For many yoga students, however, anatomy is a daunting and confusing topic.  This course creates an experiential environment to study your own body and your own asana practice while learning the language of anatomy, applied to your own body.  We will review safe Range of Motion for all the body’s joints and name the major muscles that create those actions. We will also explore how we can train our eye to see more accurately the anatomy and movement patterns of others. All practices and activities in this program aim to help you experience, discuss and perhaps enhance your body’s abilities for safe and conscious movement. Lectures will be offered to describe how the nervous system and the body’s muscles and skeleton work together to create safe strengthening and lengthening for the muscles.

Accessible for students, not just for teachers!

I love how the JFS was woven into the information. It made curriculum come alive.  Playful, Insightful, Informative, intelligent treatment of “serious” material. Accessible for students, not just for teachers!  

Elise Mahovlich, Florida, June 2016

I feel fortunate to have discovered the Pranakriya 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Presentation of material by William flowed seamlessly from lecture to practice to hands-on to partner work.  Most satisfying experiences:  The practices that WSH lead.  The graciousness & gentleness with which WSH leads.  Experiencing WIlliam’s passion for the subject of Anatomy.  Joy in Learning, Joy in Action!  

Linda B. Smith, Florida, June 2016

This program was brilliantly organized to make complex material simple.

I went into the training feeling that there were gaps in my knowledge base.  As these gaps were filled in, I found it very satisfying.  I appreciate how much repetition there was.  This program was brilliantly organized to make complex material simple.  

Julie Pogachefsky – PA, June 2016

Overall, a great experience.

William does an excellent job of presenting the information & was very knowledgeable.  Overall, a great experience.

Mike Nix, Florida, June 2016

The Anatomy course with William is one of the best yoga teacher training classes I have attended.

William has a facility with the topic so he could use analogies to describe the concepts that made it easier to understand & remember.  The Anatomy course with William is one of the best yoga teacher training classes I have attended. He wove together the content with practice in a way that allowed me to integrate the knowledge and prepared me to implement into my teaching.  

Cathy, Pennsylvania, June 2016

William’s knowledge not only of muscles and their functions and how they work is impressive, but also his knowledge of structure and nerve function as well.  

Floyd Rivera, Atlanta, GA, August 2016

Anatomy is my “weak” point and where I need to study more and I always struggled, but this program has given me the confidence and guidance to help myself and my students.  Thanks William.

August 2016

Anatomy with William has been a very eye opening and enriching experience.

So informative. Amazed by your knowledge on Anatomy!  Love how clear you are about what you are speaking about.  Not rushed through.  William, you have been wonderful, a pleasure to learn/work with you.  Can’t wait until the next experience.  Most satisfying experiences: Learning the joint freeing series.  Learning about stabilizing joints & how to & then moving. Working with different people all weekend to see things differently.  Learning from you, William, you are so motivated, encouraging & supportive.  Anatomy with William has been a very eye opening and enriching experience.  

Jen Treichel, Pennsylvania, August 2016

Most satisfying experiences:  William had a great way of not labeling anything right or wrong, good or bad.  This not labeling or judging allowed for a great deal of openness in the classroom as well as student-teacher relationship.  

Katie Seeley, Pennsylvania, August 2016

Because of William’s comfort level & knowledge of material, it came across very naturally.  We were able to relax a bit.  William was so open & supportive to all students.  No glimmer of frustration or judgment when dealing any one person.  Most satisfying experiences:  The co-learning environment – all gave perspective, questions, experience.  The class sessions to integrate the lecture learning but also the lectures that really illuminated what we did on the mat.  They both informed each other well.  I highly recommend this training – as a teacher or practitioner.  It will give you the tools you need to bring awareness & curiosity into your classes and/or your practice.  

Sarah York, Pennsylvania, August 2016

Many thanks William for an inspiring Pranakriya Anatomy Training.

Many thanks William for an inspiring Pranakriya Anatomy Training.  I’ve gained tools to deepen my personal practice and to guide students with more awareness of the interaction between muscles, bones and connective tissue.  Most importantly, I’ve gained confidence in using descriptive guidance that will invite students to use inquiry to discover the deeper benefits of yoga that go beyond the poses.  I’ll see you at the next training.  

Monica Keady, Connecticut, August 2016

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