Hi Every One!

Tonight at 6:15p, I’ll be talking about the ankle joint during the “Embodying Anatomy in Practice” class.

Some of you might remember me talking about the “10-second longevity test” during classes this past summer. During one practice I offered a cue that I picked up and adapted from my studies with Mary Bond.

Instead of focusing on your heals, or toes, or corners of the feet,
feel how your body weight moves through your ankles.

Several students over those weeks said that cue and how we used it in practice really helped them create more stable balance in their practice!

For the rest of this month, I will be focusing on our ankles, feet, and toe. And tonight, I’m going to get out the anatomy app and some bones explore WHAT are we using (and maybe not using), when we let “weight move through our ankles!”

For 2023, here’s what I’m going to be learning and studying in my own practice this year. That also means, this will leak over into my online classes and bodywork sessions. Just letting you know what might lie ahead these next months.

  • Toe enhancing, because I’m feeling my own toes are getting less coordinated and weaker as I watch my knee challenges continue to morph.
  • Breathing Meditations for cultivating and experiencing parasympathetic nervous system states
  • Hands-on techniques for working with ill, infirmed, aging, elderly, and dying bodies, including lymphatic drainage and more about scarwork. I’m really curious about working with broken bone scars.
  • Movement patterns and combinations within and between asana to create better “movement maps.” I’m also taking movement courses in 2023 that explore both early child movement and evolutionary developmental theory.
  • Impermanence as Meditation, as it relates to Laya or Absorption as described Ch. IV of the Hatha yoga Pradipika AND the Divine Vision Ch. XI of the Bhaghavad GIta
  • And, to cultivate hopefulness and nourishment, I’m learning how to plant fruit trees to create a multilayered food forest in my yard!

Thanks for being on the journey with me. Let’s see where this trajectory takes us this year. BTW – the monthly subscriptions are still on sale!

— William

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