Class Descriptions

last updated on 3January2023
For ALL William’s ONLINE classes and programs-  Your ZOOM videos must be turned on the entire time. Thank you!

NEW CLASS:  A Breathing Practice

During yoga and meditation, the breath creates and leads the experience. Most of us don’t put conscious attention towards breathing, except when it isn’t easy.  Each week, we will practice techniques to experience, even enhance,  your respiratory and nervous systems. Anyone can join, from beginners to those with experience. Please sit either on the floor, on a chair, or laydown. Bed-bound people are very welcome. Reach out to me before class if you’d like to talk about your specific circumstances, including Long COVID and pulmonary diagnoses.  Mondays 7:30p

A Morning Practice

Start your day with mindful movement and postures to vitalize your body for the day ahead. Breathing and meditation bookend the movement sequences. These classes may include kapalabhati, breath retentions, plus other stimulating pranayama.  Sundays 11a, Mondays 9a, & Thursdays 9a

A Restoring Practice

A perfect way to end your day, this all-levels class alternates meditation and shavasana (relaxation) experiences with accessible asana (posture), breathing practices, and strengthening movements to reset your nervous system and fortify you for what comes next.  Thursdays 7:30p

A Strengthening Practice

Using slow and repeating movements, plus longer posture holds, we explore the yoga practice as a “moving meditation,” improving our movement and balance. You determine your pace through our sequence, lingering, modifying, and improvising as you’re inspired. This class may include kapalabhati and breath retentions, plus other potentially stimulating pranayama.  Mondays 6:15p

Embodying Anatomy in Practice

This anatomy-focused class explores how your body moves. We’ll begin with a short talk to illustrate an anatomy concept using skeleton bones and an anatomy app. Then we’ll do a movement practice to feel and develop the idea in our bodies. This class uses developmental movements and self massage to improve perception, function, and strength. Wednesdays 6:15p

Online Class Etiquette

For ALL William’s ONLINE classes and programs-  Your ZOOM videos must be turned on the entire time. Thank you!

William will mute all participants audio before the class starts, however, if you have a question about my instruction, or you need a modification for your body, please unmute and ask you questions, being respectful of others. For in-depth conversations, let’s plan a private zoom session!

You are welcome to arrive late for zoom classes and leave early. If you do arrive late, I will let you into the class as soon as I can safely move towards my computer.

During classes, please choose SPEAKER VIEW and  “PIN” on my video to see only me, or choose GALLERY VIEW if you’d prefer to see all the class participants like in a live class. If you need support with these options, please ask me at the beginning of the class before I mute everyone.

Yoga Props to have near-by during a class:

For Online classes, consider having the following props nearby for an online class:  a yoga mat or large towel, a blanket, 2 yoga blocks or thick heavy books, an 8′-12′ yoga strap or your belt, a yoga bolster or thick cushions, and a tissue equivalent to support breathwork. And – as long as they don’t bother you, I love seeing your pets in zoom practice space, and if I know there name, I might say “Hi!” to them!

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