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Hi Every One!

The last time I taught an in-person yoga class was March, 2020, the same month I taught my first online class. Since then, I have taught online weekly classes and private sessions, workshops and 500-hour trainings for yoga teachers, even an entire 200-hour yoga teacher training. Now, I have my own online teaching platform!

Currently, I teach 5 weekly, donation-priced yoga classes. Every class is recorded and posted in 24 hours. And yes – they are priced with donation rates: pay as little as $0 or as much as you like – I suggest $20 per class. You can also buy membership to take unlimited classes, with unlimited access to my video library; membership also gets you discounts on zoom privates and in-person massage.

What are my online yoga classes like?

My classes are always ALL-level practices and safe for Every Body. Our practice is about exploring and trying, moving move slowly, and cultivating self-awareness.

These days, I’m learning more about how we move, how we learn, and how we learn to “map” better movements in our nervous system as our bodies change with age, illness, and injury. Better movement maps in our nervous system help us to build strength, flexibility, control and coordination. This leads to better postures, during and after our yoga practice.

I still love guiding breath practices, and noticing how our breathing reflect our inner states. Now, I lead pranayama practices that can seem more subtle, even when we are exploring a challenging technique. Our entire practice becomes a meditation of being present to our body and all its sensations.

Safety first!

Because we are practicing at home, personal safety is my highest concern. If I do my job well, then you shouldn’t need to look at the screen too often during the practice. With two years on Zoom, I have learned better language and descriptions to help you move and align from hearing over seeing. Of course, you can always look if you need to because sometimes seeing conveys the message faster.

During class, we practice with eveyone’s video on so I can see you and offer feedback. Throughout the class, I also check in with the students using thumbs up/thumbs down to assess your individual experience. After class, I encourage you to reach to me by email, text (!!), or phone in case you have questions or comments about your experience during the class.

Have you signed up for my online platform yet?

This August, I will celebrate one year on Ubindi. For the foreseeable future, I will gladly be offering online classes only, because we are developing quite a community of practitioners from all over the country. I love hearing each of you greet each other when we all log on!

Here’s a link to a video to help you sign up on my site. It’s super easy, plus we can talk on the phone if you’d like some support with the process. Consider joining us – I’d love to welcome you both to our online community, as well as welcome you back to your body with my approach to home yoga practice – online.

Thanks for reading this!




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