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With so many harsh happenings in the world right now, can I share with you some amazing news that happened in my life? Miraculous news, really. Eight weeks ago today, I moved to a NEW home that I purchased (!) in Decatur, GA! #firsttimehomeowner #renternomore #belvederepark

Thank you to my amazing guides (Mortgage – Todd, Realtor – Ben), who shepherded me from mortgage pre-approval tol closing in less than 30 days. After the fastest “pack, then move-in” I have ever done, today, I am celebrating 8 weeks sleeping in my new home.

The plant in this photo has been a companion in my life since the early 1990s when I lived in Iowa. Her name is Clivia miniata. If you came to Jai Shanti Yoga in Atlanta, she lived at the base of the metal pole in the center of the room.

Over the decades now, cuttings that I divided and shared Clivia many times have gone all over the world. She has bloomed in many OTHER peoples home, yet never in my previous homes. Like most creatures, she requires specific environmental parameters to activate a bloom cycle; my homes didn’t meet the requirements.

Here in our new home, I think she’s happy. Shortly after we arrived, new flower spikes were growing from each of her stalks. A few days ago, these amazing blooms opened. Here in our new home, I know that I am happy, maybe the happiest in my entire life. I feel myself putting out new growth and new roots, maybe even some new flowers of rest and movement, listening and creating, hope and contentment.

Surrounded by these pristine walls and amazing pine, oak, sweetgum, and hickory trees, I look forward to learning how to steward this land, this house, and the small patches of moss that I’ve found. Owls, woodpeckers, MANY other birds, possum, chipmunks, and even a racer snake have said hello so far. Already, I have many ideas for creating a sanctuary of fruit trees, raised food beds, and meandering paths throughout. A sanctuary for me. And one for you, too.

I look forward to welcoming you here in-person for bodywork, through the emails and posts I’ll be generating going forward, plus via zoom for movement and yoga.  PS – check out my last blog about the benefits and a big need for online yoga practice

My hope is that here you will also experience some environmental parameters where you can feel safe, present, and supported to heal and grow, to activate your bloom cycle into your fullest humanity!

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

—William ❤️

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