Hi Every One – Have you been able to sign up on my site yet? www.yogawithwilliam.com/teaching. I’d love for you to join us, and see if this practice can support your living and your life!

Before the pandemic, effectively teaching yoga online didn’t seem possible to me. Well, after two years of zoom yoga (including private sessions, weekly classes, yoga teacher trainings, and workshops), my students and I are finding both BENEFIT and NEED for online yoga classes.

Here are seven of the many benefits that I see, and students have shared:

  1. Arriving late and leaving early ARE allowed, and won’t disturb others. You can even register after the class starting time, watch your email for the link.
  2. You can wear any comfortable clothing you want, just keep everything respectfully and appropriately covered.
  3. Got a question? Need me to demonstrate from another angle?
    Please unmute yourself and ask! Please remember: everyone can hear you, and your question will be on the recording!
  4. Your practice, your rules!:
    Want to leave a posture early? Do it!
    Want to stay in longer and catch up with us later? Do it!
    In any moment, you can choose to meditate, take shavasana, even explore spontaneous pranayama! I encourage this behavior!
  5. Likewise, during the sequences I lead, you can “do your own thing” and follow your own organic posture flows without distracting other students, then when you’re ready join us again in our shared flow.
  6. After the class/video ends, PLEASE stay in Shavasana and meditation longer, really marinating in the results of your practice time, with no need to drive your car with “yoga head.”
  7. Feel deeply into yourself. By practicing without the surrounding “group mind” of other practitioners, you may be able to access, process, feel, move, release, and allow for all your emotions, sensations, and energies.

And the One Really Big Need for online yoga? Growth through yoga requires that we feel SAFE in our bodies, and for many of us, going to back to in-person practice still feels unpredictable and unsafe. All around the world, I’ve heard about teachers moving on to other careers, and SO MANY yoga studios closing; some areas no longer even have one open studio that offers protocols that universally feel safe for Every Body.

Online, we can all practice together SAFELY, regardless of our human diversity for vaccination status, social distancing practices, and our personal beliefs about the COVID-19 virus & the pandemic.

We are now entering year three of the pandemic, and what happens next, nobody knows. I’m no longer interested in talking about “back to normal.” I am interested in developing my new normal with online yoga to help students enrich their HOME PRACTICES that create moments of stillness, rich with breath awareness and embodied presence.

This next year, I will continue teaching only online and not in-person. While online yoga is definitely different from in-person classes, I believe that we can build a deeper and more lasting human experience by practicing yoga at home. Join me and let’s build your home practice and see what benefits you gain!

Here’s a video for how to register and navigate my site. https://vimeo.com/658746555

Times are for Eastern Time Zone
– Mon 9:00a-9:45a: Morning Yoga
– Mon 6:15p-7:30p: Breathwork & Slow Flow
– Wed 6:15p-7:30p: Embodiment Forms
– Thur 9:00a-9:45a: Morning Yoga
– Thur 7:30p-8:45p: Restoring Yoga & Meditation

–William ❤️


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