Hi Every One!

Tonight for Embodiment Forms, we’ll focus on HANDS, with self-massage and guided stretching/strengthening. Wed 6:15p Eastern

Tomorrow for Restoring Yoga, we’ll focus on FEET, with self-massage and guided stretching/strengthening. Thu 7:30p Eastern

Thank you again, for joining me on this yoga journey. It was 6 months ago today that I decided to start my online teaching platform on Ubindi. Your support and participation has helped me begin my “Build Back Better” journey as we move into this third year of pandemic.

I know there is a lot of talk about “endemicity” and resuming “life as before.” Personally, I need to see one more year happen before I decide life might be normal again, so I have decided that I will only be teaching online in 2022. If you’re in Atlanta, I’m also seeing clients for massage, Thai Massage, and Structural Integration (Rolfing).

Please let me know what your yoga interests and goals are for the year ahead. Through supporting your practice, you can help my learning and future growth, too!

For this next year, I am looking forward to supporting your personal practice and growth, in your own home, in a safe breathing environment. In edition to my online classes and recordings, check out my Vimeo page for some free videos, including a video to help you register on my site.

Thanks again, maybe see you this week, and happy 6 month anniversary!


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