This past weekend, I kept looking back at these amazing people & the photos of their bodies. At present, I’m halfway to 100yo… and I want the vitality I see and hear them talking about here. The message I read from these photos and sharings include… the skin might sag, the form might change, and yet the desire to be touched and loved, to touch and to love REMAIN STRONG in the second half of life. It’s true, I am deeply attached to being as functional and vibrant as I can be for remaining moments I have in this meat suit. My daily practices move me towards LEARNING new things and new ways to do the old things. Towards EXPERIENCING and BEING asana and pranayama, not doing.
Join me 6pm Tuesdays at Be Kula: Space for Wellness to experience what I do in my personal practice these days. My classes aim to INSPIRE YOUR interest in your body, and offer you movement nutrition to supplement your personal practice. And if you don’t have one, then plant seeds that maybe you’ll grow to see personal practice as EVERY movement you create, not just what you do on your mat. This is my 2020 teaching goal. I’m also recording the practices on Tuesdays nights for those times when you can’t get there. Coming soon!

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