“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. “

– Dr. Seuss

In every moment of our life, we are IN a body, however, many of us are not very good at BEING AWARE of our body while we live in it.
Tantric Hatha Yoga teachings encourage us to study the energies that flow inside us, and over this past year, I’ve really been sitting with questions about how can I still explore and integrate deep yoga practices, without being overwhelmed by the churning that I experience from the political and social tectonics shifting around me. My hardest practice: staying present and receptive to living. The future I want (or fear) swallows my attention; the past I experienced or wanted swallows my attention; and I experience the present (where my body lives) less and less.
During The Embodiment Experience, I will be sharing some of the practices that I am doing now to support myself being present and more embodied every day.  Please join me for an evening of breathing, movement, stillness and discussion to explore simple techniques that might help you live more deeply in your body, and closer to the present moment.
This weekend is open to anyone, no prior yoga experience required.
This weekend is open to everyone, wheelchairs please use the front entrance, then take the elevator down to the first level.
PS – I really believe that yoga is a practice that anyone can do, so the practice I will lead will include chair options for students who cannot get down on the floor.
From a student after a previous workshop

Hi William,

Your Embodiment workshop is amazing and timely

I too have noticed the tension in myself and in those around me.  There are those who hold rigidly to their values while the “resistance” movement is inspired through righteous anger.  I’ve come to understand that we are working to protect something we LOVE.  From that awareness, we can soften so that the “battle” isn’t draining and opposition does not throw us off center.  This was greatly demonstrated in the Drishti experiences.

There were profound moments of release for me in the workshop.  One instance was when we were on our belly and you asked, “can you give yourself permission to exist?”  That was powerful and cut right to the heart.  Tara Brach speaks about the trance of unworthiness that many of us are in.  It was a wow moment as I recognized, through my body, the holding that was there.

The Kinesics experience was enlightening as well.  I noticed differences in all directions and observed how proximity of others limited my movement.Coincidentally, I practiced this morning with Shiva Rea’s Fluid Power DVD.  Her approach invites softening and release through the joints, creating movement that is more dance-like than rigid.  Having experienced the sense of embodied presence through slow movement in your workshop, the openness and lightness necessary for fluid movement was more available.

Thanks for bringing this program to this area.  I think you’ll find a broad audience for it.

MK March 24, 2017

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