Links I clicked in January 2018

by William Hufschmidt –  31January2018

My goal for 2018, is to post a blog each month showing the bests and notable links and resources I encountered the previous month. Check back at the end of each month to see what is inoculating my thinking, practice, and teaching.

AND – did you hear that I am offering a new program in 2018 called Embodiment: A Pranakriya Immersion? The first one will happen in Atlanta on March 16-18, 2018. And here’s the programs I’ll be teaching in 2018! Hope to see you on and off the mat!


New recordings of my classes

Try downloading these files to your device, or play them from the link.

  • Dropbox link of a folder containing the practice recordings from the class I lead on Thanksgiving 2017 in Atlanta, GA, Each of these tracks starts and ends at seated so you can put them all together as a practice, or use them as individual 20 minute practices.
  • Dropbox link to a few recordings of me leading the Joint Freeing Series

Recordings and Podcasts

  1. The Rewind Yourself podcast by Daniel Vitalis interviewing Tom Myers on Kinestic Literacy (start at minute 21!)
  2. Mary Bond with a one minute movement experience of pandiculation, just like your cat and dog do every day, and just like your animal body might like to do more often. This is also part of the Intrinsic Activation Sequences that I have been leading in my classes for the past year. Come learn more about Pandiculation during my Embodiment Immersion at Santosha Yoga studio in Atlanta, GA on March 16 & 18. Go here to Register and to see the Facebook Event


  1. During Anatomy and Holding Space, you may have heard me talk about the a homunculus which is a body with body parts proportional to the number of sensory neurons in each part of the body. Here is a cool, sweet, short video showing one spinning around, repeatedly.
  2. Baby Leads Yoga Video – a few minutes of loveliness marketing a not so disposable concept.
  3. A dissection of the Deep Front Line from a human cadaver with Tom Myers narrating on YouTube showing the fascial connection of your Foot/Deep calf/Adductor/Psoas/Diaphragm/Rongue connection!


  1. Physics of Jumpback’s article
  2. A transcribed interview with Tom Myers talking about Issues in the Tissues on Yoga U Online
  3. Daily Bandha link on the Diaphragm and Psoas
  4. The 55 Best Questions To Ask To Break The Ice And Really Get To Know Someone by Darrah Brustein Nov 19, 2017
  5. How Do You Hold Space? 13 Experts Reveal Their Best Insights + Tips On Holding Space For Others by Kate Erlenbusch.
  6. Dear Yoga Teacher, Do You Understand Anatomy? No? Then Stop Touching People part I  by Lizzy Moore Nov 24, 2017.


  1. Ellen Saltonstall’s Anatomy & Yoga book! In 2018, we will start using this as the required reading for the Pranakriya 200-hour and 300-hour Anatomy. She has a really easy to read style that is still quite technically accurate and thorough.

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