Hatha Yoga Pradipika IV: 100-102

There is an essence worth knowing inside the sound produced by Anahata Nada. Within that essence dwells the Chitta. Chitta becomes united with and absorbed into that essence. Verily, that is the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu. As long as the all-pervading Nada is active space is imagined to exist. That utter silence beyond all description is called the Supreme Essence. Whatever in the form of Nada is heard, that is Shakti. And that which is formless and which is the very end of essence is the Supreme Lord. 


Silence at Watermoon Refuge – Atlanta’s Jewel for Ten Years

Ten years ago, a devout swami silently opened Watermoon Refuge in Atlanta. 1776-B Century Boulevard, Atlanta GA 30345.

Swami Lotus offers only one teaching: Silence. Just off Clairmont exit on I-85by the Century Lake, several days each week, she holds four times 45 minute meditation on silence. Quiet Times: Sunday: 10:30 until 11:15 am. Monday: 12:15 until 1:00 pm. Wednesday: 7:30 until 8:15 pm. Friday: 2:15 until 3:00 pm. The non-profit Watermoon Refuge accepts donations.

Many years ago, after an Emory professor mentioned Jai Shanti Yoga to her, she contacted me by telephone, greeting me with “Hello. I hear you have wonderfully Spiritual things are happening at your yoga studio. Can we meet?” Since that first phone call, I have crossed paths with Swami Lotus many times watching her practice, her consistency, and her mission to offer space with SILENCE as the only teaching. I live a richer life and have a deeper practice from knowing her and witnessing her dedication to living a renunciate life her here in the US in the heart of Atlanta, GA. I wish my life afforded me more moments in silence and dialogue with Swami Lotus, however, each dip into this well nourishes and sustains me deeply.

Consider joining Swami for a meditation on silence, to support you attuning to your inner silence. And maybe consider contributing to support her NPO mission to bring silence to everyone. Watermoon Refuge 2018 Appeal Letter

SwamiLotus Watermoon Refuge Atlanta, GA

Swami Lotus Feb2012


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