While guiding a meditation technique called Anapana, the famous  Vipassana instructor S.N. Goenka teaches that when the mind wanders, when we have lost the technique, then we need to “start again.”  “Start again.”  At many moments in my life, since taking the 10-day Vipassana silent meditation training in 2005, I continue to hear his rich (and recorded!) voice in my head.  “Start again.” This instruction to start again has now woven into my daily thinking:  “I have PERMISSION to have another go at whatever I am trying to do.”  For the next few months, I am aiming my daily practice to include, How can I wake up each morning enthusiastic that I can live for one more day on the planet, and go to be at night feeling gratitude for having had one more day on the planet!  So far it feels big, freeing, unlimited, and a few days have felt completely impossible!

img_7389p1180647This month, I am really pleased to announce that my website, www.yogawithwilliam.com, will also “Start Again” with a technology and appearance upgrade, which I created with the inspiring programming & design assistance of Katie Truman and the amazing photography of Bonnie Heath.  Please have a look around the site, including my new blog, and let me know what you think.  Also – I’m still looking for some more testimonials about in-class yoga or private sessions you have had with me for Structural Integration or Thai Yoga.  Thanks for sharing some words about our time together!

And 5 years ago this month, I made another huge choice to start again, by letting go of Jai Shanti Yoga (click here for a sampling of photos from JSY!!) and pursue a different career path as a free-lancing yoga teacher and bodyworker.  “Start again.”  The past five years have brought me an amazing contentment and I am so amazed at where I am now!  I still have incredible gratitude for my friends who so lovingly supported, advised, and nurtured me through the transition: Chris, Chris, Swami Lotus, Stacie, Jacci, and Meryl, who recently opened, Sacred Chill {West} on Atlanta’s westside.  Jai Shanti Yoga brought more growth to my life than any other experience, and I am so glad to have been part of the magic we created in that space from 2003-2011.  I am also really please that the studio continues to be nurtured and stewarded by Faith Walker as Candler Park Yoga.  Congratulations on 5 years, Faith!

Here’s a little update on me and what I’m doing now!phoenix

  • I continue to live in Atlanta, GA with my amazing partner, Floyd and a still healthy and still fiesty 16 year-old calico kitty, appropriately named Shakti.
  • And I still offer private sessions in Atlanta for Structural Integration (Rolf Method) and Thai Yoga bodywork.  Check out my availability through January 2017, if you’d like to schedule a session, or talk about going through the SI Ten Series.
  • Here, in Atlanta, I teach one drop-in yoga class each week, Wednesday nights, 7pm-8:30p at Solstice Atlanta.
  • Since January 2016, I have loved the opportunity to teach mindfully adapted and sensitive yoga, pranayama and meditation with Synapse, created by Dr. Janet Cox & Dr. Neal Cohen, and located in Buckhead at The Fountains, Atlanta, GA.  Our program is a 12-week Intensive Out-Patient protocol, working with teens and adults supporting recovery for clients with recurring addiction cycles (opioids, meth, Rx, alcohol, etc…).
  • Many weekends each month I travel to yoga studios in other states, directing yoga teacher training programs for the Pranakriya School for Yoga Healing Arts.  Right now, I am co-directing the 200-hour YTT in Atlanta and solo directing the 200-hour in Bloomington, IL. Here’s some upcoming programs you might want to check out.

Five years after choosing to “start again,” I can honestly say that I do happily love and live my life as fully as I can each day.  It seems strange to say that I love and I live my life, because I hear so many people each day who do not like how they are in alignment with their life.  Five years later, I have learned that each day when I wake, I must tell myself, “Start again.”  Today is a new day, and I can start again.  I get to choose my position and altitude in space for my energy, for my body, for my priorities, for my behavior, and for my feelings, as I navigate all my chosen and unchosen life responsibilities.

william logoI hope our paths “Start again” soon, on the interwebs or in person!



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